The Audi S7 features a monsterous 4.0L twin turbocharged engine that puts out 420 horsepower.  The VR Tuned plug and play tuning box is one of the most popular tuning enhancements over a ECU flash for several reasons.  Our customer Jason who is part of the forums did this great review of the kit installed and driving.  The plug and play kit delivers nearly 100 horsepower and does not throw any ECU flags which can potentially void your warranty.  An easy installation, the tuning box kit connects the male and female ends into the new tuning box loom with factory connectors.  Once installed, it can easily be removed if desired.  Jason has done an amazing job explaining the dial on the box for fuel settings as well as how the performance feels under acceleration.  Check out his video below.  These boxes are available for all the Audi 4.0T Engines Here.  Order online or call us at 1.480.966.3040 to order.

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