Beefing Up the Bentley GT 6.0L W12 with a ECU Tune

The Bentley GT has a massive 6.0L W12 twin turbo engine that pushes the 5000lb gentlemen’s coupe to 552bhp.  With the first Bentley GT making its debut in 2004, the Continental GT has really stayed the same in styling with slight variances in performance.  The latest engine is a 4.0L V8 twin turbo but the W12 is more desired for it’s pure brute.  The VR Tuned ECU Flash for the Bentley GT is all done via the OBDII port following our easy instructions here.  The tune takes the Bentley to 625 horsepower which is a massive gain over stock.  Torque is increased from 479 ft/lbs to 550 ft/lbs.  In addition to the power gains, speed limiters can be removed, throttle sensivity is improved, and catless race exhaust can be tuned as well.  Our customer flashed his pretty quickly in his garage and simply LOVES the difference in his Bentley GT.  Check out all our VR Tuned Bentley ECU Tuning Here.


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