One of our Porsche 996 Carrera customers just reported back to us their ECU Flash experience. ┬áTheir 2004 C4S Cab was flashed via our OBDII software and they sent us this nice review and photo of their car…

“The ECU flash for our 2004 996 C4S worked perfectly. I pulled the code one afternoon, had it uploaded and returned to me with the changes by the next afternoon. It loaded back up and the car was on the street that day. The hp/torque gain and throttle response is definitely noticeable and I’m really glad I did it. One of the best improvements is that the lag in power that I used to get near the redline is no longer there. It’s a smooth increase in power all the way through the rev’s.

We are going to keep this car for a long time and want to maintain the spirit of the stock car. No aftermarket wings or other body pieces. We think the car is perfect looking the way it is. Every change we want to make is beneath the skin. Headers, X-Pipe and ECU (along with correcting the stereo issues) is all we need to keep us happy here.

I’ll be looking to you guys to upgrade the headers soon, but I’m still having a blast with just the ECU flash right now. Thanks again for all your help!”

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