Our customer Tommy finished his ECU upgrade and left us this review on his Porsche Cayenne S performance:

I must say I’m VERY pleasantly surprised.  I removed a sprint Booster that I had on the throttle and the accelerator felt MUCH better than stock!  Further, the Sprint Booster was overly sensitive, causing untoward downshifts with just very light throttle pressure. This tune however retains a linear relationship with the tiptronic’s shifting, like stock, BUT with vastly better response and feel. Love it! In sport mode, it’s still possible to actually modulate. NICE!  I’m actually enjoying it the way Porsche should have tuned it! Overall power does feel stronger by my SOTP (seat of the pants), and in my experience, anything that can actually be felt, is tangible. I look forward to towing with it next summer and even just driving it around is much nicer without the throttle feeling like having stepped into bucket of wet cement.  I’m very satisfied and thanks for the hand holding and addressing my concerns and questions.

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