The Porsche Cayenne DFI cars from 08-10 have become a hot item for us lately.  The S, GTS, and Turbo are selling like hot cakes.  In my opinion the perfect SUV, the Cayenne S has plenty of torque and horsepower in its V8 engine.  The 4.8L puts out 390hp and 370ft/lbs of torque.  The ECU flash for the Cayenne S does several things.  First most noticeable difference is the throttle response.  Where the Cayenne feels sluggish on initial contact with the accelerator, the car responds much quicker now.  As the torque comes into place, it pulls harder with the torque limiter adjusted.  Your daily driving of the car from 0-60 is vastly improved.  For those of you that push harder, the midrange and topend power has been improved with changes to the cars fueling and timing parameters.  All of this done neatly via the OBDII port using our iFlash instructions.  Check out more on the Porsche Cayenne S ECU Flash here.


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