Mini Cooper makes some of the most iconic hot hatches in existence. Pretty much everyone knows how much fun it is to zip around town in a Mini, but when it comes to pure performance, some of us are left wanting more. Luckily, Mini has been using turbocharged engines, and getting more from a turbo engine is as easy as turning up the boost. Our tuning department, VR Tuned, has worked hard on creating a tune that has a perfect balance between power and maintaining long-term reliability. Cranking power way up will always result in a decrease in reliability down the road, and no one wants that. With this tune, the ECU has parameters such as boost, air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, torque limiters, and much more adjusted to increase power. The biggest jump is in torque, which jumps from 192 to 251 lb-ft, making your Mini much faster off the line, much more fun on the street, and it will pull much harder when coming out of corners. Just recently a customer of our purchased this tune for their 2011 Cooper S and they said “car runs great!” Learn more and order a VR Tuned ECU flash here. If you have any questions about the VR Tuned ECU Flash for Mini Cooper S, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone at 1.480.966.3040 or via email at

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