Pretty much all enthusiasts know how good the Porsche 911 is. What started from fairly humble beginnings has since turned into one of the best sports cars in the world. The GT2RS and GT3RS are the fastest track oriented 911s ever, but some of us want a powerful street car which is where the Turbo model comes in. Just like pretty much any other turbocharged car, the 911 Turbo responds greatly to bolt-on parts and makes massive power with an ECU tune. 

An ECU tune works by adjusting ignition timing, fueling, boost, and other engine parameters. With more boost, more aggressive ignition timing, and more fuel, you can expect a power gain of 80hp and 43 lb-ft. On top of the huge jump in power, throttle response and fuel economy are also greatly improved. The power gains are strong through the entire power band, not just at the peak.

Stock Power: 520HP and 524 lb-ft
Tuned Power: 600HP and 587 lb-ft

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