How much does an ECU Flash gain on the 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 RS?  We will show you here at Vivid Racing on our Mustang Dyno.  This customer of @mtsoffroad, got the VR Tuned ECU flash done and wanted to verify power.  In addition to the ECU flash, they also installed an Agency Power valvetronic race dump pipe.  Since the car was already tuned, we quickly flashed it back to stock with our iFlash system to run a baseline.  With typical Arizona winter temperatures of around 65F and 91 octane, the X3 put down 132 rear wheel horsepower.  With the CVT transmission, we usually see a drivetrain loss of around 25%.  With 172 horsepower to the crank stock, we are pretty accurate in our baseline less the exhaust gain. With high powered fans pushing air in front, our initial dyno tests showed only 140 rwhp.  The customer had a cargo bag, spare tire carrier, and rear lexan window installed which had the intercooler and intake starving for air.  Removing these for a test run allowing these components to get proper air flow yielded 147 rear wheel horsepower.  This shows just how important it is to make sure these 2 vital components to your turbo system are breathing. Overall, this Can-Am X3 RS gained 15 rear wheel horsepower with the tune and dump pipe.  With a 25% drivetrain loss, that is 195 horsepower to the crank or a 23 horsepower gain! See more on the VR Tuned Can-Am X3 ECU Flash and for Arizona Can-Am Installation and Service, contact

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