VR Tuned offers ECU tuning to enhance the performance of your 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo.  Having proven successful tuning for the 2016 RZR Turbo and 2017 RZR Turbo, the 2018 is just another perfect ECU flash by VR Tuned.  What makes the VR Tuned better and more convenient than the competition is our easy to use iFlash system done through the diagnostic port.  You can flash between tuned and stock at anytime, from any location using a PC laptop or tablet.  By doing an ECU Flash for the RZR XP Turbo, you can greatly improve the performance of your Polaris from it’s stock 168 horsepower.  ECU Tuning is developed to take into account your driving style, modifications, and environment. With basic bolt-ons such as intake or exhaust, the ECU will adjust giving you more power and torque. Typically, a ecu tune with the stock exhaust system will run 15-16psi of boost.  When you add an exhaust system, the reduced restriction allows your turbocharger to flow better.  This will help yield the full potential of your turbocharger seeing boost at 17-17.5 psi as set in the ECU Mapping.  Using higher octane fuel will always perform better.  There is NO NEED to purchase gimmick “Stage” flashes.   The VR Tuned ECU Flash has been tested using our Mustang Dyno for optimal air fuel ratios.  We have tested all our products in real world conditions and even compared them to the competition. The VR Tuned RZR XP Turbo ECU Tune is equilvalent to what others call a Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 3 but without the need to buy separate files. With VR Tuned, we give you the best file the first time! Read Installation Guide Here For those that don’t want to purchase the flash cable, you can send your ECU to us or if in Arizona bring us the ECU to be flashed.  We DON’T open your ECU to cause warranty issues or even “pot” your ECU which permanently renders that ECU useless if you choose to take it to another vendor.  With VR Tuned, the flashing process takes minutes and we do these immediately to help customers out.  No waiting! Need a Review?  Our customer Danny said, “I just want to thank Dan at Vivid Racing for taking the extra time to explain the VR Tune to me prior to the install on my car. Dan was very patient with me with all my additional questions with which he fully answered all of them. I went to the Glamis Sand Dunes just after my 2018 Polaris XP RZR turbo 4 was tuned by Vivid Racing and It was a very noticeable bump in HP and a lower engine operating temperature. If you are thinking about getting your car tuned, and you want a company to stand behind their product, don\’t go anywhere else but Vivid Racing that features the VR tune!! I am extremely happy with Vivid Racing and I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!Crank Horsepower Gains 
  • 15bhp 91 octane stock exhaust
For optimal performance, we recommend: What does the ECU Flash do?
  • Speed Limiter Removed
  • Rev Limiter Raised
  • Improved Throttle Response – Enhanced E-Throttle
  • Torque Limiters Adjusted
  • Cooling fan temp lowered
  • Much improved driving experience!

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Check out the flashing process below 2018_VRTUned-4 2018_VRTUned-5 2018_VRTUned-6 2018_VRTUned-7 2018-rzr-turbo-dyno-tuned-vs-stock

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