The new 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 RR is absolutely insane making 195HP stock!  This is 23 more horsepower than the 2018-2019 and 41 more horsepower than the first X3 in 2017.  All of this in the same chassis.  So if you thought it was fast then, wait till you drive one of these now!  But beyond the first looks, chassis, seats, doors, exhaust, suspension, there are many upgrades to the Engine to gain this kind of stock power.  The turbo is upgraded with different size wheels, it has larger injectors, a bigger intercooler and intercooler piping, and it runs 3bar MAP sensors to run a peak boost pressure of 22psi STOCK! 

So how can you get more power out of your 2020 Can-Am X3 RR Turbo?  Easy! (no sham wow guy sorry).  The VR Tuned ECU Flash is the best thing you will every spend your money on!  VR Tuned gives you an extra 30 horsepower taking you to 225HP with just one mod!  No exhaust, intercooler, blow off valves, etc.  Just an ECU tune so you can kick your friends butts in their highly modified 2017-2019 vehicles. 

To create an ECU Flash that can deliver this type of performance, Vivid Racing’s tuning team developed this using our Mustang Dyno, internal and external data logging tools, and years of experiencing doing high performance vehicle and UTV calibrating.  With a worldwide clientele, we created a tune for both 91 octane and 93+ octane users. 

Our tuning takes into account changes to timing, fuel, boost, limiters, and much more.  Through our data logging, we were able to fine tune this X3 Turbo RR to perfection.  With our tune, we are now able to hold a consistent 22.5psi through the entire power curve.  The new engine, intercooler, and turbo systems are designed to run this high of boost compared to the previous years model.  Dialing in the vehicles air fuel mixture was very important to vehicle safety while delivering power.  The car actually runs 14.7afr at wide open throttle which is typically lean for a turbo car.  However, newer Bosch ECUs have something called “Component Protection System”.  When the car sees it is at an unsafe level, it dumps fuel and can even close the throttle plate bringing the AFR down to around 11.5. Tests show this happening because of extreme heat testing here in Arizona.  At the time this was written, it was 105F in the dyno room with 39% humidity.  Can you imagine the power in October!  We dialed in the AFR to around 12.0-12.2 which is the sweet spot for turbo cars.  All of this while keeping the safety parameters in place to have confidence in going fast!  With tuning taking into consideration many different parameters, reliability and driveability were top priority.

All our Can-Am ECU flashing is done with our VR Tuned iFlash software.  This requires a Windows based PC tablet or laptop (see instructions here).  As the video below demonstrates, connecting via the Can-Am diagnostic port allows you to flash between your stock and tuned files with ease.  The flashing software gives you the convenience to easily flash your Can-Am back to stock if you need to visit the dealer or update tuned files if necessary.  Our flashing takes roughly 3 minutes compared to the competition device which takes almost 20 mins!  


Horsepower Gains 

  • Stock 195HP
  • Tuned 93oct 225HP
  • Tuned 91oct 220HP
  • Gain an additional 5-10HP with an Agency Power Exhaust!

What does the ECU Flash do?

  • Speed Limiter Removed – NO VMax!
  • Rev Limiter Raised to 8600rpm
  • Improved Throttle Response – Better Pedal Feel
  • Torque Limiters Adjusted
  • Radiator Fan Temp lowered
  • Intercooler Fan Temp Lowered
  • Race Start – Start in any gear without pressing the brake!
  • Much improved driving experience!

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