Our friends at 503 Motoring in Oregon recently hooked up this Porsche Panamera Turbo with some go fast mods.  The 2010 Panamera is a great platform (bias I own a 2011) with its 4.8L twin turbocharged engine making 500 horsepower.  A performance tune will easily improve the vehicles horsepower to nearly 600 at the crank.  With corresponding mods such as a catback exhaust, Agency Power YPipe, and some high flow air filters, these cars can really get moving.  To make sure the Panni could handle the increased boost pressure, the guys at 503 also added a set of Agency Power diverter valves as well.  These replace the factory diaphram version with a spring and piston design.  The ECU upgrade is done via the OBDII port  with the DimSport handheld device.  If you are located in Oregon, hit up 503 Motoring for your VR Tuned needs!

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