One of our customers recently finished flashing his Porsche 997 Cab and forwarded us some pictures.  Like all VRTuned ECU tuning, the flash is done via the OBDII port via our simple instructions here.  Once the customer does the read out, we send back his new tuned and original files within 24-48 hours for him to load to the car.  All that is required is the cable we send you, a windows based laptop, and a wireless internet connection.  Oh yea, your car too!

The customer told us, “Flashed the car last night, pretty simple and straight forward process. Once I plugged in the cable, it took less than 5 minutes. I was able to do a quick test run last night and I can definitely feel the difference in both the throttle response from the sport mode now being on and the increased torque at the bottom and top end. Where before when it would get close to the redline the power would really drop off and shifting into the next gear was very rough, now it continues to pull hard into the high rpm’s and when shifting to the next gear is much smoother.”

Porsche 997 Cab Flashed With VRTuned

Porsche 997 Cab Flashed With VRTuned

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