Check out these pictures of our customer Mike and his Porsche 996 Turbo during the ECU Flash process.  Mike dropped in the tune file along with a set of Agency Power diverter valves and silicone f-hose as well as a K&N flat panel filter.  As dyno tested, this mod alone will add 80 wheel horsepower bumping the boost in 3rd gear and up to 1.0bar!  Mike says, “You were right = A+. It was worth the wait. Wow! It has much better throttle response, builds boost much quicker and is a monster in the mid range and top end.  Plus, it idles and runs just as smoothly if not more so before the boost comes on. I love it!”

Here are Mike’s pictures as seen on Porsche Gallery

Mike C VRTuned Flashes His 996 Turbo

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