Another Porsche 997 Turbo customer is now super happy with the huge power increase that his 997 Turbo is running with.  The 2007 6speed car was stock and simply added the flashed 60+ wheel horsepower in less then 24 hours!  Customer tells us:

“Process was super simple, just followed the directions to the letter. After I recieved my cable via Fedex, I simply plugged it into the car and read out the stock ecu file. Less that 24 hours later I recieved an email from Dan with my new tuned file and old stock file attached.  Again, I plugged in my VRTuned cable to the ODBII port, turned on my laptop and within two minutes it was reflashed with upgraded software.  Initial reaction is WOW. Boost is definately coming on stronger and earlier. You can really hear the boost pressure increase from 3200 all the way to redline, which is now 7k BTW. It really has brought new life to the 997, not that it wasn’t already a monster out of the box. Now its just sick.”


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