Want to boost up your 3.0L Supercharged Audi A7?  Well this guy did too and we hooked him up with a VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit for the Audi A7.  All the Audi vehicles with the 3.0L supercharged engine, aka the 3.0T, use the same Tuning Box Harness of 121155-5.  We have done several of these here at our Arizona location.  Customers are nothing but thrilled of the increase in linear power that the supercharger provides.  The A7 like its distant cousin, the Panamera, is a big car.  So the stock 310 horsepower can definitely be increased.  The tuning box kit takes the car from 310 at the crank to 360 horsepower.  Easy install, easily reversable, and brings safe, reliable performance.  Check out the VR Tuned Audi A7 Tuning Box Here.







audi-a7-vrtuned-4 audi-a7-vrtuned-5

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