This Audi R8 V10 just got a little more grunt to its 5.2L engine courtesy of our VR Tuned OBDII ECU flash.  The ECU flash on the Audi is all done via the OBDII port using our iFlash following the easy instructions here.  Since the Audi R8 has 2 ECU’s, you have to chose the option to read out the Bosch MED9.1.1 Green Oak x 2 which will give you a 3MB file.  Tuning this file gives you much better throttle response and quicker revs with both torque and horsepower increased.  Stock power is about 525ps where the tuned file takes you to 587ps which is a significant increase.  Torque is increased by 53NM over stock.  Customer has had the flash only a couple of days and left us this review – “It feels great now. Better, more accurate responsibility, really feel some more power, and it feels like smother shifting. God job!

Here are some pictures of his ECU flash process and you can order your Audi R8 ECU Tune here.

guido-r8-vrtuned-2 guido-r8-vrtuned-4 guido-r8-vrtuned-5

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