One of our customers just finished flashing his 2011 Audi R8 V10 with our VR Tuned ECU upgrade.  The ECU flash is all done via the OBDII port with our iFlash interface.  What is nice about this is you do not have to remove the ECU’s from the car.  That means no down time!  Following our VR Tuned Flash Instructions, the process to read out the ECU is about 5 mins and writing to the ECU is about 5-10 mins.  With the software we are able to give the car more throttle response, improved torque, stronger midrange, and more top end pull.  The cars top speed can be increased along with the redline changed for shift points.  As the customer described, “Couple highway sprints.   It revs up faster, 0-4000 flies by.  At 5500 RPM there’s a kick up in power that wasn’t there before…a little bit like the feeling of when a turbo kicks in.   Splendid.”  Check out more ECU Tuning for the Audi R8 here.

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