Audi R8 V8 in Australia VR Tuned with Exhaust

Our customer in Australia wanted to really get more ponies out of his Audi R8 V8.  The 4.2L V8 came with 414bhp from the factory which is a little low for a high end sports car.  What the Audi R8 really needed was the power they came out with later in the V10 giving it 525hp.  But already a gorgeous car, there are room for improvements.  The ECU Flash by VR Tuned is all done via the OBDII port.  The tuning involves making changes to the cars fueling, timing, throttle mapping, o2 sensors, speed limiters, and even RPM limit.  With the engine tuning completed, the customer also wanted to enhance the performance of the automatic transmission with our VR Tuned TCU Flash.  These TCU Auto Flash kits help improve the shifting response and the cars ability to change gears faster and more thorough.  To round out the performance, our customer also added a Capristo X-Pipe Exhaust  and BMC Filters.  Working with Performance Specialist James, he was able to really dial in this monster.  Check out all our Audi R8 Products Here and order your Audi R8 Tuning Here.

brendan-audi-r8-flash-1 brendan-audi-r8-flash-2

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