This Audi RS3 would be a dream to have here in the states.  Unfortunately we don’t have it.  But our customer in France does and he just added our VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit to his 2.5L TFSI vehicle with great success.  We were fortunate that he sent us over some dyno sheets, PBOX times, and even some install photos.  David graciously left us this review too, “Vr Tuned box ecu kit installed and works very very well. I took some photos of installation, performed measurements with torque pro and perfexpert. HP before and after, for 0 to 60 mph , I did only after installation due to the rain before. The only problem is the throttle response more “felt” increased by power gain.

You can order this Audi RS3 Tuning Box Here!


vrtuned-audi-rs3-install-1 vrtuned-audi-rs3-install-4 vrtuned-audi-rs3-install-all

vrtuned-audi-rs3-1 vrtuned-audi-rs3-2 vrtuned-audi-rs3-3

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