The Audi RS5 ECU Flash is a great product to help the 4.2L V8 wake up over stock.  As one of the cars that help change the look of the Audi fleet, its sexy 2 door coupe style is one that most gear heads want to own.  The Coupe is available in the A5 with a 2.0T engine, the S5 with a 3.0T supercharged engine, and this, the flagship RS5 with 444 horsepower 4.2L V8.  Tuning these cars improves not only the torque and horsepower, but how the car performs through the entire midrange of the curve.  Changing things such as torque limiters, speed limiter, and rev limiter where applicable can further enhance the Audi RS5 driving experience.  Tuning for this vehicle is done via the OBDII port with the Dimsport MyGenius Tool.  The instructions are pretty straight forward as we have documented here.  Our customer Maaz recently flashed his beautiful red RS5 and sent us in some great photos of the process.  He also left a pretty intuit review on the steps.  See below!

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Rating 1-10 ( 1- hard and 10 – easy)

  • Downloading the ECU file to MyGenius device – 10
  • Uploading the tuned ECU file to the car – 10
  • First step: updating device and software and downloading ECU file onto MyGenius to transfer to PC and email to company takes about 20 minutes. 
  • After emailing the company your file, turn around time to receive tuned file for me was about 30 minutes thanks to Dan but usually takes 24-48 hours. 
  • Final step to upload tuned file with MyGenius into the vehicles OBD took about 15 minutes tops, very simple installation and detailed instructions provided by VividRacing. All together,  I give it a 10/10. 

PS: This was the first time for me to flash tune any vehicle. It’s very simple, anyone can do it. Keep in mind, while uploading the tuned file onto the ECU, the car will throw at you all the codes it can. From transmission malfunctions to TPMS but it’s all part of the process while the ECU is being updated so do not panic when you see all types of malfunctions and codes coming up. They will all go away once the upload is complete.







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