Check out this video of our our customer’s 3.0L supercharged Audi S4 doing a run from nothing to 120mph with the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit.  The plug and play kit really boosts the performance of the S4 without risking warranty.  Utilizing stock style connectors and being able to control the boost delivery, the S4/S5 tuning box kit boosts up the horsepower for the 3.0L nearly 100 horsepower on 98 octane.  Since the car is supercharged, as you can see on the dyno, the boost levels go up delivering a very linear performance throughout the entire power range.  Check out this video of the car running through the gears and order your VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit for the Audi S4 S5 here.





johnnyDi-audis4-tuningbox-1 johnnyDi-audis4-tuningbox-2

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