Audi’s 3.0L supercharged engine has made the different chassis’ very easy to squeeze more horsepower from.  The 3.0L puts out 333 horsepower and is found in the S4, S5, S7, and a couple other platforms.  The Audi S4 and the 2 door S5 have always been a hot tuner car.  One of the big issues in tuning the Audi vehicles is the flag that is thrown from ECU modifications.  This scares off many from doing a true ECU tune and potentially voiding their warranty.  The VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit is a plug and play device that cannot be detected by factory computers.  It installs using factory connectors such as the boost pressure, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensor to provide an extra 57 horsepower over stock.  The box can easily be installed and uninstalled as needed.  Our customer Carter recently fitted one to his Audi S5 and simply raved about it.  He wrote us, “This Tuning Box is very easy to install. The box is also high quality and appears it will last a while. I\’ve had it for about 1 week and installed it in about 30 minutes. I would recommend this box to other Audi owners. It most likely is giving me around another 50 HP but I have yet to dyno my S5. Easy install for a good price and moderate HP gain.

Interested in a kit for your 3.0T?  Shop all Audi 3.0L TFSI Tuning Box Kits Here.

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