The VRTuned iFlash OBDII ECU tuner can tune many different vehicles via the OBDII interface that others cannot.  This Audi S5 4.2L V8 came to us here locally in Arizona.  Whether local or worldwide, we can OBDII flash this Bosch MED9.1.1 ECU.  The cars 4.2L V8 comes equipped with 349hp and with its famous Quattro system, gives one hell of a punch.  Tuning the cars ECU will give better throttle response, improved torque, and of course, more horsepower.  When we do a ECU tune, we can raise the speed limiter, account for high flow or catless exhaust components, and even raise the rev limiter.  This 2009 S5 already had a B&B catback exhaust and APR/Carbonio carbon fiber intake kit.  As a 6speed manual transmission, this was a perfect candidate for a VR Tuned ECU Flash.

Testing on our Mustang Dyno in all wheel drive, we typically see a 20% drivetrain loss on AWD cars.  With cool temperatures on this day, the car baselined at 290awhp and 284ft/lbs of torque.  With the ECU flash, the Torque was increased through the entire powerband of the dyno test.  At around 4400rpm we see a strong gain of about 15ft/lbs that is carried through to about 5600rpm.  The average gain is about 7-10ft/lbs of torque in the other spots of the curve.  For the horsepower, the gains start increasing at around 4200rpm with peak gains near our redline of 6500rpm.  Peak horsepower gain is about 11awhp with a consistant increase of about 7awhp.  This is very good for the normally aspirated 4.2L V8.  Check out the dyno sheet, flashing process, car pics, and a couple videos below!  Shop for your Audi ECU Tune Here.

Audi S5 Flashing Process – Click to Watch

AUDI_S5-1IMG_0011a IMG_0012aAUDI_S5-4 AUDI_S5-5 AUDI_S5-6 AUDI_S5-7


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