The new Audi S6 4.0L Turbo is a MONSTER of a sedan in its own right.  With a couple tweaks and changes, power output levels can jump 100bhp over stock!  This 7speed tranny machine got one of the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit installed since the ECU cannot be flashed.  The plug and play box is good for up to 120bhp with proper fuel, temperatures, and a exhaust definitely does not hurt either!  This bone stock car we strapped down to our Mustang All Wheel Drive dyno and gave it some stock runs and then plugged in the Tuning Box for some performance runs.  With fans in place and a ambient temperature of about 100F, the cars baseline dyno was 302awhp and 270ftlbs of torque.  This is typical for a 25% awhp drivetrain loss on 91 octane and 95F temperatures.   Looking at the graph, you can see that at its strong turbo peak around 5100 rpm the car made as advertised 120hp and even at spool up around 3700rpm made over 70awhp.  The torque gains were huge throughout.  Once the turbos kicked in at 3600 rpm, we see a gain of nearly 140ft/lbs and that gain carries through where even at 4800rpm still makes over 60awhp.  On 91 octane with a 20-25% drivetrain loss, this Audi S6 has transformed into a beast with this simple plug-in VR Tuned Tuning Box.  Enjoy the installation pictures and video below!  Shop all our VR Tuned Tuning Box Kits here.

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