The Audi S8 is a monster of a sedan.  Behind all the crazy technology, electronics, air ride suspension, is a 4.0L twin turbo that makes a stock 520 horsepower to the crank.  Now there are a couple ways to do a tune on this vehicle.  The first is a bench flash if you have the supporting hardware to read and write the ECU.  This requires removing the ECU’s from the vehicle.  Once the ECU’s are out, you have to open them up and flash in boot mode.  But for those that want to keep their warranty nice and safe on the $120K plus vehicle, there is the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit.  This is a plug and play system that taps into boost, manifold, cam sensors to increase your Audi S8 performance quite a bit.  The tuning box kits have a dial on the back that can be changed depending on the fuel type you run.  The install is pretty simple with our PDF Instructions Here.  Once it is installed, you want to rev the car up to 3000rpm for 5 seconds and then let the car idle without touching the gas for 90 seconds.  The Tuning Box is ready to rock.

We dyno tested this beast on our Mustang All Wheel Drive dyno here in Gilbert, Arizona.  The car was running 91 octane and the ambient temperature was about 90F.  Performance numbers are rated on higher 98 octane fuel, so its a good comparison to see how the car does on much less 91 octane.  The cars torque increase was very consistant across the board with a peak gain of about 55ft/lbs at 5000rpm.  The peak horsepower was on the top end at about 55 awhp.  The Mustang Dyno usually has a 20% drivetrain loss.  This car was also equipped with a Milltek catback exhaust.  Not bad gains for a 10 minute plug and play to get your 520hp monster up to 600 crank!

Order your Audi Tuning Box Here.

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