Diesel is by far one of the best platforms around and unfortunately, it is still in infancy here in the USA.  In Europe, everything is diesel.  Forget about high horsepower but be welcomed into a world of amazing gas mileage with super torque.  The Porsche Cayenne 958 is one of my favorite body styles to date.  The Cayenne Turbo would be the boss of all SUVs to have, but if you want efficiency and pulling ability, the Cayenne Diesel is a dream come true.  This particular Porsche Cayenne got its torque and some horsepower beefed up with the help of a VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit.  The plug and play kit is easy to install and remove for warranty purposes.  The Tuning Box gives a nice increase of 54nm of torque over stock.  All this for a lightweight price of $700!  Check out this and other Porsche Cayenne VR Tuned Tuning Box Kits here.

DSC02406 DSC02412 DSC02413 DSC02421 DSC02427

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