The Bentley Continental GT has a massive 6.0L W12 twin turbocharged engine making 552 horsepower.  What was once a near $200K car can be had for the sub $100K making this a great luxury sports coupe to own.  Many variants of the Continental GT have been in existence since its 2003 creation.  These different versions such as the GTC, GT Speed, and Supersports featured different horsepower out of the same 6.0L W12 engine.  VR Tuned offers performance ECU tuning for all variations to improve horsepower and torque while improving drive-ability and retaining reliability. Our customer Don is no stranger to performance vehicles.  Amongst his toys are this awesome 2004 CGT and a Porsche 996 C4S.  Tuning the Bentley took power from 552 to 625 and improved torque from 479 ft/lbs to 550 ft/lbs.  The ECU flash is very easy to do following our iFlash instructions here.  The ME7.1.1 ECU reads and writes fairly quick.  Check out pictures and this video of Don flashing his car. View all our VR Tuned Bentley ECU Tuning Products Here Bent IMG_5889 IMG_5890 IMG_5893 IMG_5892 IMG_5891

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