The Bentley Continental GT is a beast with 560 bhp out of the 6.0L W12 engine.  Though the vehicle is near 2 tons, its torque, horsepower, and 10+ year eloquent design makes it a very sporty choice for a luxury touring car.  So can you get more out of the Bentley GT?  Absolutely!  The VR Tuned ECU Flash for the Bentley GT gives you 60 more horsepower 70 more ft/lbs of torque over stock.  This makes it faster than the GT3-R race car and as quick as the latest GT Speed.  For the Bosch ECU ME7 ECU, the 04-07 years can be read out via the OBDII with our iFlash system where as the 08+ must be done via bench flash.  Our customer Anders shared with us pictures of his Matte Black Bentley right after it had been tuned.

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