Our customer Mark in Colorado just recently flashed his Porsche 996 Turbo with our OBDII flash software.  The 996 Turbo gains 80HP and with an exhaust system you see 100HP gain!  Mark left us a nice review and a picture of his car.

I want to thanks the guys at Vivid Racing and VRTuneds for the great customer service that I experienced.  My ’03 996 TT is now so much more responsive and pulls like a beast!  The process was so simple and the Vivid team walked me through everything and from the time I decided to make the change to actually flashing my ECU was unbelievably fast.  The actual flashing took less than 10 minutes and wow!  What a difference!  Living in Colorado and running at this high altitude, I think the tuning made and incredible difference.  There is a noticeable difference in pull and in sound.  Loving the upgrade and well worth it!  Thanks guys!!”


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