BMW has really changed the tuner car game with their turbocharged platforms.  From the 7 series down to the 2 series, these cars are easy to make some performance.  Having proven our VRTuned Tuning Box kits on several cars from the M4 to the F30 335I, we recently had a BMW 228I in here to get boosted up.  The N20 | N26 straight 4 cylinder turbocharged engine features a twin-scroll turbochargervariable valve timing (called VANOS by BMW), and some serious kick producing up to 241bhp.  The Tuning Box kit is a plug and play system that taps into boost and manifold pressure sensors as well as a camshaft sensor to give your vehicle a boost of 49 horsepower over stock.  So to prove this, we strapped this 228I down on our Mustang dyno to do a before and after test.  Using 91 octane and in 105F temperatures, the car baselined at  217 awhp and 234ft/lbs of torque.  Once the tuning box was connected following our easy installation guide here, we ran it again shortly after.  The cars gains were 233 awhp and 271ft/lbs of torque.  Looking at the dyno sheet below, peak torque was at 3790rpm where its gained stayed strong from 3000 rpm to about 5500 rpm.  Horsepower increased stayed constant from 3000 rpm to 6000 rpm with an average 25 awhp gain.  With the octane and heat not on its side, this little 228i did great from the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit.

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228i VRTuned Tuning box-8

228i VRTuned Tuning box-2

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228i VRTuned Tuning box-4 228i VRTuned Tuning box-5

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