The BMW E90 series was a real turning point in performance and styling for BMW over the E46.  Their flagship M3 was the last M3 to be normally aspirated with a powerful V8.  With its clean lines, the E90 and E90 LCI became the perfect 2nd and 3rd owner car for tuning.  One of our local customers has this nice 330I which features a straight 6 cylinder that produces 255 horsepower.  Normally aspirated vehicles can benefit from tuning by making the torque more responsive, pull harder through the revs, and overall liven up the RPMs.  With the 6speed manual like this car, we can also raise the rev limiter if required.  Popular mods for this car are usually a exhaust, intake, and tune.  Another VR Tuned BMW has been born!

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dane-bmw-330-1 dane-bmw-330-2

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