The N54 BMW 335I engine is a big hit in the tuning world. There are several options when it comes to tuning these cars to maximize power and driveability. Where some products are a plug and play, others are a direct flash to the ECU. Both have there positive and negative sides, but when it comes to performance, our ECU Flash by VR Tuned takes the win!  Our VR Tuned ECU Flash can be done remotely anywhere.  We ship out our flash cable and customers just follow our VR Tuned Instructions Here.  For those lucky enough to be close to us in Gilbert, Arizona, we can have you drive in and drive out with us tuning your car via OBDII also.  This was the case with this customers 335I Convertible.  We read and wrote to his car giving him 50+ horsepower over stock with improved throttle response, torque, and strong mid range to top end pull.  One of the questions people always ask us is how will the ECU Tune affect gas mileage.  Typically the gas mileage goes down because your always into the gas having fun.  But if you drive the car normal, because of the changes to fueling and timing, you should see the gas mileage unaffected by the enhancement!  Enjoy the pics and get your BMW 335I ECU Flash Here.

aaron-335I-vrtuned-1 aaron-335I-vrtuned-2 aaron-335I-vrtuned-3

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