VR Tuned now has all new BMW 40I Tuning Box Kits available for the B58 3.0L Turbocharged engine.  These new plug and play kits provide almost 100bhp over stock!  Designed to work for both the 240kw and 250kw versions, the kits have been thoroughly tested to offer flawless, smooth power delivery.  Having dyno tested the kits by our partners in Europe on a Maha Dyno, you can see the extensive gains the kit gives the test BMW 440i vehicle over stock.  Tuning Box kits are designed to plug into the factory sensors and are made with factory Bosch connectors. There is no splicing of wires or cutting into a harness to install.  The kit can easily be installed and uninstalled for warranty concerns.  Each tuning box has a dial on the back of the unit which can be adjusted for those running higher octane fuel.  This dial helps in boost delivery to achieve more power.  The B58 3.0T engine is found in the 340i, 440i, M240i, M140i, and the 740i/li vehicles.  View Installation Instructions Here.

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