Besides the BMW M platform, the start of the turbocharged N54 engine really launched BMW into the tuner world.  Its twin turbocharged engine was fitted in the 135I, 335I, and the 535I vehicle.  this customer had a well equipped BMW 535I wagon and wanted to get more power and performance of his vehicle.  The ECU flash is done via the OBDII port and is a TRUE ECU Flash.  Not a piggyback, it is tuning the vehicle maps to improve boost, fueling, timing, to delivery more torque, and more horsepower.  See more on our N54 Tuning Options Here.

bmw-535i-wagon-ecu-tune-1 bmw-535i-wagon-ecu-tune-2 bmw-535i-wagon-ecu-tune-3 bmw-535i-wagon-ecu-tune-4

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