BMW M235I tuning is now easier than ever with the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit.  The plug and play tuning box greatly enhances the N55 engine that has taken over the BMW tuning market.  The successor the popular twin turbo N54 engine, the N55 features a single twin scroll turbo charger that puts out just over 300 horsepower.  The BMW M235I was created to enhance what was the 135I chassis into the new 2 Series framework.  The M version features many high performance assets as you would find on a M car.  In between the 1M and the M2, the M235I features a 320 horsepower engine similar to its larger cousin, the 335I.  However with the seven speed dual clutch gearbox the car rockets past 60mph in just 4.8secs compared to the F30 335I 5.3 seconds.   But what about the hot new BMW M2.  It comes with 365hp, cool looking fenders, some beefed up engine components from the M3/M4, and other toys.  But can a M235i beat a M2?

The VR Tuned M235I plug and play Tuning Box adds an instant 60 horsepower and 120nm of torque as tested with 93 octane.  This alone takes the M235I to 380bhp compared to the M2 stock 365bhp.  Add a catback exhaust to the turbocharged car and you are nearing 400 horsepower.  With the M2 doing 4.3 seconds 0-60mph, the all new VR Tuned M235I will touch 4 seconds flat beating out the M2 in a straight line race.  See more about the VR Tuned M235I Tuning Box Here.

View installation photos below.

BMWm235_VRTuned-1 BMWm235_VRTuned-2 BMWm235_VRTuned-3 BMWm235_VRTuned-4 BMWm235_VRTuned-5 BMWm235_VRTuned-6 BMWm235_VRTuned-7 BMWm235_VRTuned-8 BMWm235_VRTuned-9 BMWm235_VRTuned-10 BMWm235_VRTuned-11 BMWm235_VRTuned-12 BMWm235_VRTuned-13

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