The BMW M3 E46 is an extremely popular car right now as one of the best M3’s ever built.  This was a HUGE change from the iconic E30 and popular E36 M3.  The E46 M3 is actually gaining value and that makes it a perfect vehicle for tuners to play with.  The 3.2L straight 6 cylinder engine fitted in the E46 M3 comes stock with 333 high revving horsepower.  For those that are track driving this vehicle, there is a need for more torque, more pull, and better throttle response.  This is just what the VR Tuned ECU Flash does for the E46 M3.  The ECU flash is all done via the OBDII port following our instructions here.  We provide you with your original and tuned file which allows you to switch back and forth.  As a track car, you can request changes to the file to really enhance your performance modifications.  Our customer Mark got his tune done just in time for a track event and shared with us some photos of his car and the flashing process.

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IMG_0891 IMG_0913 IMG_0916 IMG_0918 IMG_0920

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