BMW M3 E92 Tuned Up to Excellence

Here is a freshly flashed BMW E92 M3 customer of ours out of Canada.  The 4.0L V8 M engine is definitely receptive of the ECU upgrade from VR Tuned.  Fueling, timing, cold start, decat, redline can all be changed with our OBDII port ECU Flash.  The simple process of reading and writing data via our iFlash instructions can be seen here.  The customer left us a nice review saying, “I recently uploaded the VR Flash to my ecu and my car feels completely different it’s crazy how much a tune changed my car, the car even seems to be running smoother, I’m extremely happy that I decided to go with the vr tune. The car has improved so much and has extremely noticeable gains, I recommend anyone to get this tune over any other on the market, You won’t regret it.”

Order your BMW M3 E92 E90 ECU Flash Here

brandon-m3-1 brandon-m3-2

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