The BMW M4 F82 has proven to be an incredible performance machine.  The 3.0L twin turbo produces some tire shredding power and when tuned, it is that much better.  The orange M4 came in for the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit to be installed and dyno tested.  As we have previous tested the tuning box kit here and our ECU Flash here, we were expecting the same performance numbers on this beast.  And we were right.  Just like the others the car made some great mid range horsepower and torque.  The car made about 60-70ft/lbs of torque and about 50-60 all wheel horsepower.  As we have seen on the other cars and read on forums by other tuners, these cars suffer from air loss at about the 6000-6500rpm mark.  Unless you have a full dyno cell with speed matching fans, its hard to replicate true driving conditions.  These 6 cylinders really want air.  The gains through the driveability section of the curve are perfect though.  Running AWD on a Mustang Dyno with 91octane, you cant ask for more.  We did these pulls in 4th gear with our redline touching 140mph standing still.

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