How to remove the ECU to have your BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 tuned is your question…  Well the process of doing the tune is easy compared to removing the ECU.  This ECU can only be bench flashed and requires the ECU to be removed.  Once we do a bench flash, we can then unlock the ECU to be able to be flashed via OBDII.  The ECU is located under the manifold.  This is about a 2-3 hour job to get to.  You will need to unhook water lines, boost lines, and basically take your entire intake manifold off.  The ECU is bolted to the bottom of the manifold.  Make sure when you take it off that you label all your bolts and connections so you know exactly how they go back on.

So what happens after the ECU is removed and sent in to be flashed?  Well like most bench flashes, this requires the ECU case to be opened up.  We undo the torx bolts and seperate the case unveiling the ECU board.  This BOSCH MEVD17.2 ECU can be read and wrote to with the CMD tool using the FXX protocol.  To do this you need to connect to the ECU boot pin and RST pad along with having the right power, ground, and other wires to the front of the ECU to power it up.  We dont solder anything and use bungey pins to connect with.  Once your able to do the read and write, you have to then make the tuned file.

You can view our BMW M4 M3 ECU Tuning Here


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