The V10 power in the BMW M5 E60 is one of the best driving experiences you could possibly feel.  The massive 5.0L engine feels and sounds like a Gallardo as you accelerate to 8000rpm.  With the comforts of the M5’s interior, there are a couple things lacking for what was the fastest production sedan of it’s time.  The SMG transmission of the BMW M5 is laggy when you drive the car normal.  If you don’t shift at 5000rpm, the car is a dog.  With its high revving beast of an engine, the low down torque is weak and less than desirable.  So what makes the BMW M5 V10 come alive?  Tuning, exhaust, pulling, and a intake.  First is the ECU tuning.  Although high strong from the M division, you can actually greatly improve the low to mid range RPM band of the M5.  Faster throttle response and more torque.  More responsive without needing to be full throttle all the time.  Instead of being so linear, it comes alive quicker and harder into the revs.  When you do additional modifications such as a catback exhaust, you need to factor in the backpressure changes.  You will continue to see harder pull all the way to redline whether you have the SMG or the 6 speed manual.  The best part of the ECU upgrade for the BMW M5 E60, its all done via OBDII with our easy to use iFlash system.  Plug in to the car, download the 5mb full calibration file, and send it in for us to transform one of the best BMW M cars ever made!

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