VR Tuned now offers our awesome plug and play tuning box kits with optional iPhone app control to adjust your performance settings. The app allows you to set your vehicle in ECO, Sport, or Sport + power settings so you can get the power delivered when you want. The app, designed by Speed Busters, syncs with your tuning box via bluetooth.  Check out this video of this BMW M5 F10 we tested it on. The tuning box can deliver a max of 100bhp with high octane fuel giving your V8 turbo well over 650bhp.  The plug and play device features OEM connectors for a easy installation as seen here.  The tuning box kits include a weather proof sealed case so you never have to worry about damage.  Have warranty issues?  Easily uninstall the kit and take it in for service.  The tuning box kits do not lock to a vehicle so can be resold and reused.  These are one of the best horsepower upgrades you can do to any turbocharged vehicle.

Note: Tuning box kits do not come standard with this feature.  It is available as a $150 upgrade upon request.

Order your BMW M5 F10 Tuning Box Here. Shop all BMW M5 F10 products.


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