This was an excellent flash that was done on this BMW M5 E60 V10.  The customer has worked with VR for a couple of years owning many different vehicles.  His 2011 5.0L V10 M5 needed a bit more get where it is missing on this big engine machine.  I personally owned a 2006 and these are incredible cars.  Size is perfect, comforts are all there, and the V10 is like nothing else you can experience.  Even with sport mode on, the car lacks a lot below 4500rpms.  Revving to 8500, this still gave you a ton of power to get at it.  But put your better half in the car, place transmission in drive, and turn off M mode.  The M5 is now a dog…

Enter VR Tuned and our OBDII ECU flash for the BMW M5 V10.  Check out the video review below!



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