One of our customers recently flashed his V10 E63 BMW M6 with our VR Tuned ECU flash which is all done via the OBDII port.  He was so nice enough to write us this great review on the popular forums to share his experience with others.  This ECU flash has been well proven to really waken up the V10 engine.  Having personally owned a E60 M5, I know this tuning can help that low end sluggish feeling and quicker midrange power.  Check out his review and car pictures!

David Newmark writes:  “Okay, so about three weeks ago I purchased a 2007 M6. Brought the car home and did some preventative maintenance (Oil change, Diff fluid, spark plugs, sensor, etc) and then started modding. Got the front and rear bumpers repainted due to rock chips and whatnot and it looked awesome. It was completely stock when I bought it.

I added H&R sport springs, Dinan rear sway bar and front roll kit, a custom exhaust, BMC drop ins, Charcoal delete, and alas a tune. Which brings me to Vivid Racing. Any time Ive ordered or contacted my guy over there (Ahmed) he has been PERFECT. He responds to EVERYTHING quickly, and is a very accurate person. Never pushy, ever.

I wanted to deal with them again after I saw they offer tunes for the S85 platform. I also own a 900HP Evo and an 850+HP Mustang, so a tune was necessary lol. Literally overnighted me the cable and instructions to pull my stock file off the computer – free of charge. Dan (the owner I believe) walked me through it like cake. The next friggin day the tune was back. That’s LIGHTENING fast lol, especially in the tuning world.

Uploaded it, and bam. Literally within 5 minutes it was 10x better. Much crisper response, far better torque/hp in the low-mid range, and a ton over 6K. It chirps third now if its colder out. I love it. The best part? Drivability. It’s crazy how good and smooth it is. I haven’t found a single issue with the tune. I haven’t done a dyno yet at my friends shop, but I can easily say (Im a good reader of HP gains) it was at least 15-20WHP. Truly great. Not to mention every question I have is answered literally within like 1 hour.

I would like to thank Ahmed and Dan for a painless experience, and share what I’ve found. Already took her above 150 and it’s so effortless.

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