The BMW X3 3.0L SUV is a great all around vehicle.  What is about the size of the old X5’s, the new BMW SUV’s offer quite a lot in performance.  This is probably one of the coolest SUV’s I have seen right here.  Its very subtle, yet sexy with the carbon gray wheels matching the body.  Our customer wanted to get some more juice out of his 2007 X3.  The 3.0L N52 engine boasts 268hp and 232 ft/lbs of torque.  Since this car is normally aspirated, it can definitely benefit from some tuning.  All done via the OBDII port following our VR Tuned Instructions Here, we adjust the cars timing and fuel maps.  Giving the X3 better throttle response, more torque, and better pull to the top end.  For those driving Autobahn style, we remove the speed limiter as well.  Check out his past snowy photos and his more recent VR Tuned Flash Photos below.  Like this product?  Shop all our BMW X3 ECU Tuning Here.





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