Sometimes you need a little more pep in the step of any vehicle, including the BMW X5 with the 4.8L engine. The N62 engine produced 355 horsepower with 358 ft/lbs of torque which is no slouch.  But unlike the newer twin turbo 35I or 35D vehicles, a bit more throttle response and performance is always a good thing. The ECU tune on the BMW X5 is done via the OBDII port.  This allows the customer to read and write the file.  For those not located in Arizona, this can be done using the DimSport MyGenius system.  Once completed, the BMW X5 is transformed with improved throttle response, more torque, and more horsepower.  Check out this customers vehicle below!

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james-bmw-x5-48-tune-1 james-bmw-x5-48-tune-2 james-bmw-x5-48-tune-3

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