Turbocharged engines love a good ecu flash.  More boost, adjustments to fuel and timing, better throttle response, are all part of what a ECU Flash can do.  The VR Tuned performance flash for the BMW E70 XDrive50I leaves nothing short when enhancing this 400HP monster.  The MSD85.1 ECU can be tuned via the OBDII port.  This means you can flash your vehicles ECU anywhere in the world.  We provide you with the cable and all you have to do is read and write the ECU as seen on our instructions here.  Once tuned, the 4.4L V8 twin turbocharged engine shoots up to 450bhp making this a completely different SUV.  Check out the customers vehicle we recently did and if you are interested in getting your BMW X5 tuned up, see our ECU Flash Pricing Here.

bmw-x5-e70-flash1 bmw-x5-e70-flash2 bmw-x5-e70-flash3 bmw-x5-e70-flash4 bmw-x5-e70-flash5

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