Before the Can-Am X3, there was the Maverick 1000R. The first of its kind, the turbocharged UTV offered 131hp to the crank for the 2016 model.  its engine and transmission located in the middle of the vehicle offered amazing balance and agility.  However, like most turbocharged vehicles, there is always more power to be made. VR Tuned offers an upgrade ECU flash that can take your 1000R to 150 horsepower at the crank.  This is a 15% increase in power with just a ECU flash.  Adding other parts such as an exhaust, intercooler, even water/meth injection will give you that extra Stage increase where you can push closer to 160bhp.  This particular Can-Am 1000R was tested on our Mustang AWD Dyno here in Gilbert, AZ.  With 91 octane gas and winter weather with a 65F temperature, the Maverick 1000R made a peak of 113 rear wheel horsepower. The CVT belt driven transmission has an average of 25% drivetrain loss. This gives an amazing gain over the stock 102 rwhp.  With our super easy to use iFlash cable system, we can ship you a cable anywhere in the world which allows you to flash between different maps including your stock file as well as read and clear trouble codes.

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