The Can-Am X3 DS is an excellent UTV that many people think is perfect right from the factory floor. Us enthusiasts, however, want more power. In 2017 it was rated at 154 horsepower, but in 2018 that was increased to 172 horsepower. Luckily, doing a 2017 to 2018 conversion is fairly simple. You’ll need the intercooler with the fan assembly and fuel pump from the 2018 model, plus the 2018 model tune. This will take your 2017 X3 DS to 172 horsepower just like the 2018 model.

Kit Includes:

You can take all of this a step further by adding a VR Tuned ECU flash which will take your 2017 X3 DS all the way to 195 horsepower, about 41 horsepower over the stock 2017 model! On top of the power the VR Tune provides, it also improves throttle response making the driving experience much more fun. With the optional cable kit, you will be able to change back to the stock tune in case you need to take your X3 DS in for warranty work. The cable kit will also allow you to use diagnostic functions.

As you can imagine, adding 41 horsepower over stock in a little UTV like the X3 DS turns it into an absolute rocket. The entire driving experience is changed. With more horsepower and torque, better throttle response, higher rev limiter, and removed speed limiter, you’ll fall in love with your X3 DS all over again.

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