If you are looking for which is the best ECU Tune for the Can-Am Maverick X3 RS turbo, STOP and read this.  Its important for us to really show what we do, but more importantly, protect you from the blatant marketing scam of “Stage” tunes.  This is not our first rodeo with tuning UTVs.  We have some pretty in-depth articles on Polaris tuning here and if you want to see how the other companies files really perform, check out our Chapter 1 Article Here.  Located in Gilbert, Arizona, Vivid Racing and our VR Tuned software is designed to be used by customers worldwide.  Any altitude, any climate.  Our ability to provide a customer with a cable to flash or change between the tuned and stock file makes our system VERY convenient and warranty friendly.

The iFlash system requires a Windows PC or tablet that works with our USB flashing cable.  Flashing takes only about 5 minutes and the entire process is very quick.  Why is this important?  Well I had to use a MapTuner to load a file on a friend/customer vehicle and it was a PITA.  The Swedish company, Maptun, has a nice device.  This device is not created by EVO Powersports and anyone can buy the device directly from the company.  What makes using this device a pain is the process to get it activated, the customer service from the retailer, and the constant costs including the device at $400 and the “stage 1” file at $600.  If you want a stock file or other “stage” files, those cost extra.  There really is no reason for this.  The gains in power are not from the files, but from the other parts you add like an exhaust system.  In fact, someone sent us these files pulled directly from a MapTuner with Stage 1 – 4RI.  We had a look at these first 3 calibration files and there is NO difference between a Stage 2 and Stage 3 file.  There is a slight change in a Stage 1 to a Stage 2 which is really boost pressure.

Once you get the Maptuner from the retailer, they then have to email EVO to have them activate it.  Well that is a 1 day process.  Once the device is activated, you need to follow the instructions to connect the device to your car.  Once you connect to your car, you have to have create an account and have EVO assign a license which they have to be told by the retailer.  If you are lost, you should be.  Usually this is another day.  The instructions on their site are similar to trying to install tits on a bull… Useless.  Three days later, numerous telephone games between the retailer, EVO, and the customer, there is a “stage 1” file on the MapTuner when I connect to the internet with the device again for an update.  Now we can finally flash the vehicle.  When we flash the full 1504kb file with the VR Tuned iFlash, it takes about 3 minutes.  With the Maptuner, it takes about 30 minutes.  This is dreadful.  But now the flash is on the vehicle.  However, I can’t go back to stock because we did not receive a license for the stock file.  Thats fine right…?  Ok, lets use the datalogging feature and see how this vehicle runs.  Guess what, we CAN’T as it is not activated and that is another license cost!  So to Mr. EVO who wonders why there is a MapTuner logo on the PC in our video below, this was to help a customer out with your product…  So that is our review 🙂  Now its time to make the world simple and easy with the VR Tuned iFlash.

The VR Tuned iFlash does not require activation, credits, or licenses,  We have a simple instruction sheet on our website that tells you how to setup the PC based software here.  Once you do the ID and upload your screenshot so we have the VIN and software, we then send you back a Tuned and Original file for you to use.  This process is usually done within the hour we receive your upload.  Thats it…  your done!  You can now at anytime and very simply flash between the tune and stock file.  If you need an update to a file, the file resent, or another request, we just email it to you right there.   The iFlash will soon have the ability to check and clear DTCs (check engine light codes) as well as datalogging which we will be implementing.  This is a standard feature for the iFlash.  When we add the feature, you just re-download the flash client from the VR Tuned website here.  So “cool story bro” your hardware is better, but what matters is the tune.  Well if you read Chapter 1 showing how the EVO flash did on our dyno with controlled variables, you should be questioning the tune and asking yourself, “what else is out there?”

We continued our testing on this 2017 Can-Am X3 to develop an incredible tune.  We have so many dyno pulls using our Mustang Dyno that we could build a new tire from the rubber shreds!  Our goal with VR Tuned is to give you the BEST TUNE THE FIRST TIME.  If you add basic things like an exhaust, turbo pipe, blow off valve, spark plugs, silicone hoses, even an intercooler, you DO NOT need a reflash.  We create a file that will adapt to these basic bolt-on mods that are doing their efficiency job.  So lets look at the first dyno below.  This is a comparison between our VR Tuned flash, the EVO Stage 1, and a stock file.  As we showed in Chapter 1, the EVO file has a huge oscillation problem.  This issue was backed up by another independent dyno test on a totally different Can-Am X3 from Bikeman Performance who is EXTREMELY respected in this industry.  Much like the VR Tuned flash, the curve starts to gain horsepower but then begins to have issues until the end of the dyno test.  This is not a boost leak as you can see by the green line on the dyno graph.  Both tunes were making about the same boost of 17 psi or about 1.2bar.  With a target AFR between 11.5 and 12.5, our tuned file makes a tremendous 18 rear wheel horsepower near the 30 mph mark and keeps this gain tapering to about 13 rear wheel horsepower at the end of our test.  You can see the stock and other tune are done back to back so this eliminates any mechanical or “tire” issues.  Our final tuned file was done just 5 days after on going development.  This process allows us to now offer one of the BEST ECU flashes for the Can-Am X3.

So what do you get with the VR Tuned ECU flash for the Can-Am X3?

  • No more speed limiter
  • Raised Rev limiter
  • We remove torque limiters
  • Electronic throttle body allows for adjustments for instant pedal response
  • Lower fan temp to keep the temperature down and controlled
  • Quick start not requiring the brake pedal to be depressed to start it.

But I have a 2018, do you offer a flash for that?

The 2018 has 172 horsepower from a different ECU tune, intercooler, and fuel pump.  Basically Can-Am did what the aftermarket already is doing and did a tune to go from 154 to 172hp.  So the 2018 will totally work with our system.  We are working on a file at the time of this article.  So stay tuned!

I’m a dealer.  How can we sell your tune or use these tuning tools?

Good question friendly blog reader!  VR Tuned does offer slave cables for shops that want to flash VR Tuned files and make HUGE margin.  Much more than the other guys 27.24586532%.  We have already proven our product is better, so why not make more money and be more convenient for your busy shop time?  If you do not want to invest in the slave cable hardware, you can just sell the tunes like we do and give customers End User cables so they can control the flashing process.  Contact us!  tuning@vividracing.com.

If you agree with everything we have said but you are a smart person and want to do your own tuning, no problem, we offer these same tools as a Master setup so you can grow your business and dealer network.  Go to www.frieling-group.com and send an email!


vrtuned-vs-evo-stock-ecu-flash vrtuned-vs-stock-ecu-flash

How does the ECU Flashing Work?


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