It’s no secret the Can-AM X3 offers an insane amount of performance for a UTV. The newest and best models produce 174hp stock and with a simple ECU can be pushed to 195hp or more. Unfortunately, some of the models of the X3 come with as little as 120hp, with some models in the middle at 154hp. For anyone with a 154hp X3, upgrading to 172hp is a simple ECU flash, but why stop there when you can easily reach 195hp? This is where Vivid Racing’s upgrade package comes into play.

The jump from 154hp to 195hp takes more than just a tune, but it’s not a super complicated process. Our kit includes an 18-19 X3 XRS pump, fan kit, and the tune file needed. The fan kit is required to keep the intake air temperatures at a more reasonable level, and the fuel pump is required since the 154hp pump is too weak to meet fueling demands of the 195hp tune. Unlike some other tuning solutions on the market, we include everything you need, and the optional flash cable allows you to flash your Can-AM at home.

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